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Go Greener, Act Greener - EPIF 2014 Procurement Meetings 4

Date:March, 2014

In order to support energy saving activity, Asialink took part in EPIF 2014 Procurement Meetings in World Trade Center, Taiwan on March. 13th. Asialink is pleased to be invited to participate this event. Acutally, Asialink have developed lots LED lighting products to realize efficient energy saving over years. From the light source, power supply, lighting fixture to final product, Asialink combines professional electrical and mechanical engineers to do every effort to provide customers LED lighting products to help users save more energy, lower the electricity charges.
Environment protection is crucial issue in the world, green products will be Asialink’s development direction in the future. Go greener, act greener is not just a slogan, Asialink will realize from now on.


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